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If the God has been denied
If the Devil leads inside out
For 7 billion within 7 virtues, 7 sins
Nothing aside from desire
All drugs fed human race
Cancer head rising in overturn world

Welcome to the fucking cycle behind heaven and hell - Chaos

Rotten credos and reasons
Engulfed the sun
Engulfed the moon
Skies, Light, Darkness, Time, Beyond

The last faith has already Broken and Abandoned Forever in the Black Hole

Perfect creations

Perish away and Wallow in ashes of everything
Until one last move
Walk on a dying path of the abyss
This is the never ending slaughtering sain

Decay away and reign in shit of everything
Until one more civilization
Come on a burning mark of the beast
This is the never ending feeling addictions

6.6.6 - Six
Without the hope and cure
Without the ten

The horn is raised with the finale is near Apocalypse
Conquest, War, Famine, Death
From Omega Back To Alpha

So sick of the rise
So sick of the fall
This inner struggle is crushing down the balance of line
How great it creates one new space
To follow the sign
To bring back the Lord

Pray for the Glory, the love
Confess the Hatred, the Lost

Choose one side, die and revel then

One war is sending here for everyone
The source of will is burning inside
To start it now


Will in chaos

Nail the souls for building another Babel
Beg to Illusion beneath Alter and Temple
Flaming Empire

So sick of the Rise
So sick of the Fall

Dog Eats Dog

Will in CHAOS


from From Ωmega Back To Alphα, track released March 30, 2013



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The Falling - Ashes of The God China

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